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3 Life Lessons from the Powerless

I may be a bit dramatic here and I know several others across the East Coast got hit by Irene way worse than lil’ ol’ me in Annapolis.  To those of you who are still without power, experienced flooding or were just hit hard by hurricane Irene in general, our thoughts are with you.  For the rest of you, I thought I would share some very important life lessons learned from a near 48 hours without power.   We experienced no damage and were completely safe, yet somehow knowing that most of the world around me was functioning just fine while I was barely reading by candlelight drove me batty!  So here goes:

1. My hair dryer and straightener are WAY more valuable than TV. Sure I could take a cold shower and do my make-up, but after three days the greasy faux bun only works so much and is certainly not presentable in a work environment.  The thought of a nice hot shower and luxuriously washing and blow drying my hair was like a dirty fantasy.  My advice, when a hurricane is headed your way, make sure to hop in the shower, shave those legs and get that hair looking good!

2. When in doubt, eat the ice cream first. It just melts faster than the chicken defrosts  and frozen peas are cheaper to replace.  Enough said.

3. Be nice to your power gods. Our poor power company was getting slammed left and right over Twitter and Facebook for the delays in getting power restored.  The reality was, and still is, that there are literally hundreds of fallen trees knocking out power lines. Those folks are working literally around the clock to get things back up and running.  Know that they aren’t sitting around some huge board room smoking cigars and drinking scotch.  When the power is back on, hit them up on Facebook with a virtual hug and thank you!


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