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Freshly Picked Rosebud: Refreshed

Happy Friday!  I feel like this week has been a bit of a marathon so when I say “Happy Friday!” please note there is A LOT of enthusiasm in my voice!  At 25 weeks prego, it has finally dawned on me that that jet setting and late night dinners take a toll on a girl.  I need some sleep, yo!

I’m thrilled to report that today’s Freshly Picked Rosebud of the Week is the blog Refreshed.  Chuck (aka Ashley) is a fun-loving girl who hails from the same general area as me, meaning she is a crabs and beer Chesapeake Bay area kind o’ gal.  I love hearing about what she’s up to with her hilarious spin on things.  For instance, this chat that she posted on hurricane Irene had me laughing hysterically.  Although, for any of you faint of heart, I must warn you that us Chesapeake Bay girls can have a bit of a sailor mouth on us, mine just tends to be an inner voice, ha!

How cute is that vintage scarf BTW!

She also introduced me to this iPhone case which has officially been calling my name.  Swoon!

So, go on over and give this Rosebud some love!


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