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In Need of New Light

It’s been over two years since we moved into our new home and still the list of projects seems never ending.  Sure, we’ve made some serious progress checking things off, but there are so many little touches we’d like to tackle that when pulled into a list look they look anything but little.  I recently went through my “Master House List of Projects, (Side note: Doesn’t that sound like a fun list?! Imagine it’s Saturday morning and you are relaxing on the couch with your first cup of coffee, when up out of nowhere I pop up with my MASTER LIST, including estimated costs and time lines.  Yup.  I’m that girl.  Thank goodness Floyd finds it somewhat amusing.  What? I at least let him have coffee first.  Geesh.)

Anyway, on my MASTER LIST (this must always be said with a booming enthusiastic voice) has been to replace the lighting fixture in our dining area.  It’s a sun-filled room where we eat all our meals and you can see it pretty clearly in this video.  From Day 1 I’ve hated the lighting in this room.  It feels like you are being interrogated while eating your meal, with the big bulb staring down at you.  It’s definitely not how you want your dinner guests to feel while visiting.  So, it’s time to take action!  I know I want a light that can be set to a dimmer.  I love having brighter light while doing projects or playing games, but also a lower one when enjoying a nice meal with candles.  I’d also like it to add a little something to the space.  When we added a large light fixture in our kitchen, it completely transformed the space.  Also, not feeling like I’m going to be put in the slammer at any minute would be a nice bonus.

Here are a few I’ve found that just might fit the bill…


Z Gallerie Eclipse Light

The Eclipse light from Z Gallerie might have just enough edge without being over the top.

Serena and Lily Capiz Chandelier

A capiz tile chandelier from Serena & Lily could bring a sense of fun to the space.

Restoration Hardware Drum Pendant

Two tiers on this Restoration Hardware pendant give it a little pizazz and would work well with our high ceiling.

Which one do you like best?  And I’m the only one out there who has crazy lists like the MASTER LIST?


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