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The Cookiepedia, A Cookie Cookbook Review

It’s not every day that I attempt to make a NYC staple like the infamous Black and White Cookie. It’s hard to put yourself out there when you’ve tasted perfection. But, when I was asked to review The Cookepedia, a new cookbook all about our favorite cookies written by Stacy Adimando, that’s just what I did.

But, before I get too deep about the cookie trial, let me tell you just how adorable this cookbook is. It delves into baking the traditional cookies that we know, love and crave.  Some have a slight twist, but yet manage to stay pretty true to form and all have been tested beyond belief, which is really important when baking.  It also has a quirky design with cute doodles and tip clouds throughout, packaged in a spiral bound cover.  The girly look of it pretty much sealed the deal on it being a great inexpensive gift for your best girls.

So, now that I’ve raved about how darling the book is, I put it to the test.  The Black and White cookie test.  For those of you whose poor deprived lips have never tasted a true Black and White cookie, they are pretty cake like in texture with half of the cookie covered in white icing and the other half in black (aka chocolate).  The icing is generally pretty firm.  The cookies I made from The Cookiepedia recipe tasted delicious and were very true to the classic.  They were cakey and very easy to make.  That said, they didn’t come out as pretty as I would have liked, but clearly that’s the part thats going to take some practice.  Getting the cookies to come out in a pretty circle with the icing more evenly spread is my new goal!  There was a tip included about making the cookies into balls and then spreading them with a butter knife and water  so that they bake evenly.  Clearly, I blatantly ignored this tip.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to try again and happily munch on the rejects in the meantime!  Cheers!


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