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A BonBon Deal of the Day for Your Pout & My TV Appearance

Heads up…There is an auto-play video in this post!

So, if Santa needs any last minute gift ideas for moi, hopefully he’s reading BonBon today! I’m a total Fresh product addict and this little Mini Sugar Kissing Trio set is right up my alley. Have y’all used any of Fresh’s lip treatments before? They’re glorious! Just sayin’. My lips have never been softer! And $28.00 is a total steal for this set. I may not be able to wait for Santa…I may just have to pick this up as a little Christmas present for myself!

fresh mini sugar kissing trio

On another note…If you’d like to check out my tv appearance on our local Channel 8 news, I’ve included the clip! Please don’t judge my maniac son…Haha! Yep, that’s the dude racing around in the background. The journalist, Stacie Schaible, and her cameraman had the patience of saints!


Watch this at Tampa Bay Online


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