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For Color Lovers

In direct opposition to my grey and black filled post from this morning, I thought I would share some beautiful vibrant colors with y'all this afternoon! This gorgeous pair of colorblock pumps comes to you courtesy of BCBGirls. While, they aren't exactly inexpensive at $103.49, they are such statement makers, I think they're worth the money! They're so fabulous, in fact, I would consider sportin' them even in my large and in charge preggers state! Who's ready to rock some COLOR? ...

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Featured Look: Smoke and Mirrors

I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow for a lovely event that Cabi is putting on and as I packed, I realized that every look I put together for my trip had some form of grey in it. Obsessed much? I can't help it. That "color" has always drawn me to it like a moth to a flame. Now that I'm pregnant again, I've found that I've been purchasing even more grey (and black too actually) and accessorizing them with brighter colors. The fact that I'm in denial about Tampa not having a proper winter could have something...

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