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A Fellow Handbag Lover

You may have noticed that we didn’t post a Freshly Picked Rosebud yesterday. Unfortunately, a brutal headache sidelined me for most of the day. The hubs, being the loving fella that he is, wouldn’t let me go near the computer. Luckily, the down time seems to have helped and I’m back up and running! So, I thought I would feature one of our fabulous Rosebuds today!

The hilarious lady behind Handbags & Handguns will have you chuckling at her sarcastic wit and drooling over her celebrity style features when you visit her blog. I just love it when I can look at sparkles and giggle at the same time! Don’t you?!? So, head on over there if you’re looking for a pick me up…You’ll be sure to find one lovelies!

jennier aniston

julie bowen

Images via Handbags & Handguns


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