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Discovering C. Wonder

I absolutely adore discovering a new store, online or otherwise.  So, when a friend forwarded me the link to C. Wonder, I was sold hook, line and sinker (thanks Cait!). I know many of you may have already discovered this gem of a shop, and even a few lucky enough to have checked it out in person (if so please send us the deets, I hear the dressing rooms are to die for!), but I was still reserving judgement until I made my first purchase.  I made that inaugural purchase last week and it all arrived looking fabulous.  Two thumbs up from over here!

The thing with C. Wonder is that was created by Mr. Burch…as in Tory Burch’s ex hubby.  And while I love TB beyond words, C. Wonder is like the cute less expensive friend. Expect to find bold, bright colors and modern prints. Clearly these two had a shared sense of style in common, ouch!  Here are a few of my favorite items up for grabs.

C. Wonder

This silver trim horn cuff is so chic and only $48!

C. Wonder

A delicate cereal bowl in ikat, how lovely.  At $8 I won’t have to worry about breaking them.

C. Wonder

What a cute bag, I love the detail of the plum calf hair against the fringe.  Yes please!

C. Wonder

Knowing my love for elephants, it’s probably not surprising that this little ceramic box found its way into my shopping cart.  I couldn’t be happier about it!


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