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BonBon Deal of the Day: Stack Happy

Thank goodness jewelry stacking remains relevant because I just love piling on the old baubles. Of course, even if it wasn’t “in” I’d still be doing it. That’s how I roll!

asos enamel stackable bangles

This stack of enamel bangles from Asos takes all the guesswork out of stacking arm candy. The stack comes in a delicious array of hues and at just $17.01, it’s an amazing deal! You could wear them all at once or split them up into any color combo that your heart desires. You could add them to a multi-color print dress if you’re feeling bold or pair them with a little white frock for a pop o’ pigment!

So, would you wear them lovelies?

Update: For a fabulous roundup of eye candy, including these babies, check out Copacetic in Carolina!


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