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Pink, Navy & HAWAII

So, does anybody else feel like they need a serious vacay? We would love to go on a babymoon before the little lady bean arrives, but we’re beginning to run out of time. I can’t believe I only have four months to go with this pregnancy. EEEEEEK! I haven’t even started on her nursery yet. In case you’re curious, I’ve collected some ideas over at Pinterest.

I started out with a grey and yellow theme, but once I found out it was a girl and I realized that this would probably be my only chance at decorating a supremely feminine room, I decided to go for a grey, purple and lavender room instead. While we’re on the subject…Does anybody have any ideas for an accent color? I was thinking maybe yellow or aqua…Thoughts?

Ok, back to the subject of vacation…When I checked out our Freshly Picked Rosebud, Darling Notes, her post on her upcoming trip to Hawaii made me want to plan a getaway with my man candy even MORE! Doesn’t lying on the beach, tropical drink in hand (virgin for moi of course) sound divine?

tropical vacation style

pink and navy

Gorgeous vacation look ideas aren’t the only thing you’ll find over at Darling Notes! The lovely lady behind this blog has all kinds of fabulous fashion, food and travel ideas! If you like us, I know you’ll love her!


p.s. Only a few votes keep us from being in the bottom in the Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms contest. We sure could use your help today lovelies! Thank you SO much to all of you who continue to vote…We feel so loved!

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