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Steak House Pizza

Steakhouse Pizza

Steakhouse Pizza

I know I’ve been a little obsessed with Cooking Light lately (like here and again here). Thanks in advance for indulging my new kitchen BFF. As a recent subscriber, it’s been fun exploring new recipes and I was truly in need of some cooking inspiration. Not all my tried recipes have been home runs, but when I made this Steak House Pizza I knew it was a hit I just had to share.  This is a great take on a different kind of pizza AND it’s easy enough for a week night. The rich steak and blue cheese crumbles work perfectly with the tangy arugula, onion and vinaigrette mixture. Plus, it’s hard to beat a delicious pizza dough that’s brushed with garlic and olive oil.  I’m drooling for it again already! You may also notice that when I do indulge in a little red meat, I like my steak pretty pink!!

One reason I think this recipe works so well for a weeknight is that there is very little prep or chopping involved. I used pre-made dough bought at Whole Foods, pre-washed arugula and a vinaigrette I had on hand. That meant the only thing I chopped was a little red onion and garlic. Not too shabby! You can find the original Cooking Light recipe here. Have fun digging in!

Megan Yarmuth

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