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Decorating, A Balancing Act

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The Rolling Stones said it best. You can’t always get what you want (Side note: I love cranking up that song when life is handing me lemons, don’t you?!). Decorating my house is the perfect example.  I have all of these rooms that I want to get just right.  I want to walk in and have everything perfectly decorated and in its place. And while I’m dreaming, let’s go ahead and say that everything would be dusted and free of any cat hair.  Don’t wake me up.  I like this dream!  The reality is that the entire house is a work in progress.  I just don’t have a budget that will allow me to go out and get all the furniture I love at once, and now even, more importantly, I have Jake to consider when making choices. Balance.  Ahhhh….

So, right now the balance is about making sure all new purchases are stylish, but that they don’t break the bank and are also somewhat kid friendly.  My recent purchase hit the balance trifecta. I LOVE the look of this Noguchi style coffee table. It’s sleek and modern and I adore how the glass keeps the room feeling airy.  While this bad boy may not look that kid friendly, its curved lines means no sharp edges and the glass is thick enough to take the pounding of little fists.  And while the real Noguchi deal would break the bank, I found this “high-end knock off” for a fraction of the price.  I definitely had a little spring in my step after seeing it at another large furniture store for 3x the price!

new coffee table

Another great way to achieve decorating balance is to make sure things are stain resistant.  Whether it’s paying a little more for that treated fabric or buying carpet like Resista from Carpet One. Knowing that you don’t have to lose your mind as you see that wine spilling from across the room is all the balance I need!

How do you achieve balance in your decorating style?  Anyone balancing storage issues or a small space? Leave a comment in the conversation box below and you’ll be entered to win a 5×7 Resista Carpet area rug! If you’re signed into Facebook, you’ll be able to comment!

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