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Fab Friday

Who is ready for a great Summer weekend?!  I know this girl is!  Don’t you just love Summer weekends full of BBQs and swimming pools? Flip flops and fro-yo? My mom will be visiting this weekend and I can’t wait.  She’s the perfect shopping buddy.  Plus, she lets us sleep in while she plays with Jake.  Divine!

Last weekend this happened…

I’m getting used to the new look and practicing with my round brush.  It SO does not come natural to me. Practice makes somewhat decent right?  When I came home from my hair appointment I was a little giddy and I think it garnered my first official eye roll as a Mom.  I’m sure I have several hundred more headed my way.

So, that’s my little update.  Kristin and her little lady are doing great and I can’t wait to see them.  Thanks for hanging in there while we all get used to our new little BonBon Rose Girl!  Sorry if this post is a little stream of consciousness. It’s kind of where my brain is at.  Clearly I need a margarita! Now go get out there and have a great weekend.  Cheers!Megan

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