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iPhone 5 Case for Early Birds

Who out there is an early adopter and already playing with the camera on their new iPhone 5? I can’t wait to get one, but sadly no 5 is in hand yet.  I tend to be a little late and actually my iPhone is from a few generations ago.  I don’t even have Siri like all of those cool commercials to help me out when I’m in a jam.  I know, I just don’t know how I survive! What tunes do I possibly dance to on a rainy day?!

For anyone out there who waited in line or pre-ordered I’m oozing with jealousy.  Not just for the phone, but also for this cute Kate Spade case from Nordstrom. I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade cases and they tend to take a decent beating. So, those with 5’s, go forth and accessorize.  Oh and start sending me those rad panoramic pics!


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