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A Treasured Ensemble

heirloom clothing

I’ve dreamed about having a little girl of my own for as long as I can remember. I love my lil’ dude with all my heart and soul and when I found out I was having a boy four years ago, I certainly wasn’t disappointed…I just knew that we would definitely be trying for a girl a couple more times. Haha!

We only ended up having to try one more time as you know. I crack up when I think back on how much I startled our poor ultrasound tech when I shouted out loud in glee as soon as she announced that we were expecting a girl.

If you know me or read our blog on the regular, you know that fashion is my passion, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am having loads of FUN dressing up my lil’ lady bean! It is ridiculous how adorable little girl clothes are and my mom and I have whiled away many an afternoon shopping at our favorite boutiques in search of ensembles for my daughter.

Although, I absolutely love shopping for her, I have a few things that I treasure that weren’t purchased…at least not in the last thirty years.

I was beyond elated when my mom brought over a very special package a few weeks ago. It contained heirloom clothing. She gave me a little knit bonnet and sweater set that I wore as a baby. To think that my little girl is going to wear something that I wore is so special. I just love that my mom saved them for me all these years. I plan on doing the same, so, hopefully, my granddaughter will be able to wear them someday!

Pieces as special as these need to be taken extra special care of, so I’ll definitely be using Dreft to launder them. My son has super sensitive skin, so we’ve been using Dreft for many moons now and I just love it! Not only doesn’t it irritate his skin, but it gets out super tough stains. You fellow breastfeeding mamas know just how stubborn breast milk stains can be! TMI? Haha! Sorry, but my lil’ lady bean is quite the piggy eater. Just sayin’!

Whether you’re a first timer or the greatest, grandest mother of them all, there’s one thing moms have agreed on for over 75 years- Dreft makes your little one’s fabric feel as clean and soft as can be.

So, do you or your kiddo have an ensemble in particular that you treasure?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dreft. As a part of this program I received the product, the opinions and text are all mine.

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