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BonBon Deal of the Day: R&R Required

TGIF! I am SO thankful to finally have Friday on  my doorstep! It’s been a looooooooong week and I’m definitely looking forward to the hubs being home and taking over kid duty. As soon as he gets to the house, I plan on putting my feet up and closing my eyes for a moment, an hour, a day…whatever.

henri bendel chic & chilly eye mask

This Chic & Chilly Eye Mask from Henri Bendel would be the perfect accompaniment to my R&R! My eyes are definitely on the puffy side thanks to my darling wee ones. Lack of sleep sure does ravage one’s face no?

And at $28.00, I could pick one up for myself and another tired mama in my life! This bad boy is definitely holiday gift worthy!



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