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Fun Hostess Gifts

Is it just me or did it seem like on November 1st a switch flipped and now there are holiday decor, songs and reminders everywhere? It just seems a little early, but I’m also in denial.  In my mind it’s still August.

Regardless, with fun parties, Thanksgiving feasts and celebrations galore coming up it’s always good to have a few fun hostess gifts ready to go.  Recently, my friend Cait introduced me to the fun site, The Spoon Sisters. It is just brimming with fun trinkets and gifts. Here are a few I think it would be fun to give as a little thank you.

3 Wise Monkeys Soap Set – I mean adorable monkey’s shaped into soap.  Enough said!

Scrabble magnets!  Ok, does anyone else get irritated by the Words with Friends board game?  I mean I love a good round of WWF but hello….it’s not new, it’s a Scrabble rip off.  Anyway, I digress…Here is the real deal for the fridge.

This book on the ins and outs of card games would be great when you want to hunker down during a snow storm and you just can’t remember the rules to Rummy.  I mean the game War can only last you so long… This would be cute wrapped up with a deck or two of cards for your hostess extraordinaire!

Happy hosting!


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