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Holiday Dreaming

Whenever I see these picture perfect images of Christmas, whether it be on TV or in a catalog, I find myself getting a little jealous.  How amazing and cozy does that look? This is what I had envisioned for our first major Christmas with Jake.  The truth however has been that the house is only half decorated, both inside and out, work has been beyond busy and to top it off the little guy has been sick which has meant that instead of sugar plums, I’ve been dealing with his fever and snot. Needless to say that this past week has been a little less than ideal.

I’ve decided to let go of the fantasy.  Everyone may end up getting a gift card from the grocery store counter and my Christmas cards may arrive at New Years.  I’m telling myself that it’s OK.  I’m shifting my focus in these last few days before the holiday from “getting things done” to “enjoying the moment”.  Friends and family are what its all about and I’ve been blessed with the best of both, including all of you!  So, dear friends please tell me, is there anything that you thought you would make happen this holiday season that you’ve had to just cross off the list?


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