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To Invite Kids or Not?

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Today I wanted to discuss a touchy topic.  Kids or no kids at your reception…I absolutely ADORE children.  My niece and nephew are the lights of my life!  I am incredibly close with my fiance’s four nieces and nephew.  My best friend is a mother of six.  I am a former preschool teacher.  I go to every kiddo birthday party I can for family and friends.  But for our special day,  I had to make a tough choice about whether to have kids at the wedding.

Being that my fiance and I are getting married a little later than our loved ones, the majority of  our wedding guests are parents.  While we would normally LOVE to include our loved ones’ children, we simply did not have space in our venue.  Our venue is a smaller space and to keep our guest list down due to space constraints, we decided to have an adult only affair excluding the bridal party.  We are delighted to have our nieces and nephews in the wedding, however, there will be no children otherwise.  I know I know!  It is not ideal, however, it is our day and that is what works best for us!

So, you may ask…how does one broach that topic?  We politely spread the word that due to space constraints this would be an adult only affair.  We also included an information card in our invitation suite.  The card included details such as our wedding website, location details, attire details, addressed the kiddo deal (hey parents deserve a night off!), and much more.

My best advice to you is do what works for you and your fiance.  That is all that matters.  Whether due to space, budget, time, location, whatever…if no kids is what you want for your reception, it’s ok!  You will be surprised how understanding and supportive those around you will be.

A nice way to let your guests know about your decision would be…”With respect, we would like our special day to be an adult only occasion.”  We used this on our information card. Another option is, “Parents enjoy a night of dinner and dancing at this adult only affair.” This appears on our wedding website.

kids or no kids

So, do tell did you or will you have kids or no kids at your reception???

Only two days left…Don’t worry…My sister’s guest posts won’t be ending. After she’s had a chance to relax from all this wedding planning, she’ll be sharing some fabulous DIY’s with us!

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