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Easter Brunch Pinspiration

We’ve come a long way in a year.  This time last year I was just trying to figure out how to get a few hours of sleep and manage this little guy, now I’m literally running around in circles tying to keep up.  And while a first Easter holiday is certainly special, I think this year will be even more fun with a real basket and eggs!  Of course I can’t make the eggs too well hidden but certainly if I make them obvious Jake will find them. We have literally gone from this…

First Easter

to this in a year…and yes that’s his “cheese” face.  Eyes closed and all.

I’ve been tossing around some ideas for an Easter brunch.  My Mom will be in town and, in addition, I’d like to have a few close friends over for the festivities.  Pinterest has no doubt been a great resource to collect my thoughts.  How did I live before Pinterest?!  And cell phones? And texting? And Starbucks…gasp!  No seriously, how did we?! Here is my Easter Brunch board with a few ideas I’m kicking around.  I especially love the tulip centerpiece and homemade doughnuts!

Easter Brunch

So, what are you planning?  Anyone else using Pinterest to help get yourself visualizing a fun event and menu planning?


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