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Peaceful Retreat

I was watching the Today show sipping my coffee this morning (yes I get to do this for about five minutes once a week so don’t go and get all jealous on me) when I saw a segment highlighting that this is the time to buy furniture on sale.  Whippeee!  As you know, furniture shopping is my jam!  And while, sadly, I can’t buy anything at this particular moment in time, I hope to soon.  So, I started clicking away on some of my favorite sites to see if I could validate the Today show claim that, yes, this time of year is indeed a great time to buy furniture.

I did find several good sales, but of course it was Horchow, one of my favorites, that really sucked me in.  I noticed that everything I was drawn to was of a peaceful serene nature.  And while I love soothing rooms, I’m normally not drawn to that look repeatedly.  I’m guessing my subconscious needs a spa day?  Regardless, here’s what I’m loving.  What do you think?

Peaceful Retreat

Images found here: Bed, Mirror, Lamp, Curtains


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