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Girly iPhone 6 Accessories

Girly iPhone 6 Accessories

After 2 1/2 years, I dropped my phone in the toilet and fried it this weekend. In my defense, I was not using the restroom myself, but rather helping my child who is in potty training mode and going every 5 minutes. Truthfully, I have been wanting the new iPhone 6 since mine was a little outdated, but really couldn’t justify it until now.

That afternoon I headed to the store and am now the proud owner of a new phone…with the insurance. 2 1/2 years was a good run but I’m not tempting fate now that I have two kiddos! What I’ve found so surprising is that there are so many fun and cheerful accessories for the iPhone 6. I tend to dress pretty classic, so I love personality on my phone case and accessories. It’s just a little something that makes me smile. Here are some of my favorites I’ve found so far, although I think the pineapple case is by far my personal favorite! What’s yours? Check out the breakdown of my iPhone accessories picks below!

Girly iPhone 6 Accessories

1. Loving the fruity flavor of this Sonix pineapple case.
2. The Target line of Lilly Pulitzer may have sold out in 5 minutes, but this Lilly phone wristlet is adorable and still reasonably priced.
3. These FRIENDS headphones also come equipped with a microphone function and are totally chic!
4. I adore Rebecca Minkoff bags, so it’s no surprise that this floral charger had me hooked at first sight.
5. Succulents are so in and, yet, I’ve not been able to get my act together at home and plant one. With a succulent case like this I won’t have to and can still hop on the cute trend.
6. This donut iPhone 6 case may be a bit on the silly side, but who doesn’t love a good giggle and a donut? Yum!

  • jillian

    i love the pineapple iphone case! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    April 29, 2015 at 9:15 am Reply

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