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How to Play with Squeeze Pouch Caps

Pattern Play

I love an activity that is both fun and educational to do with Jake at home. Add in using materials from around the house and I’m completely sold! Which is why I wanted to figure out exactly how to play with squeeze pouch caps. They are so bright and colorful and something almost every mom has on hand. Plus, I had seen some really great ways his pre-school teachers had used them in class. I came up with two activities, washed and dried the caps and then placed them in a leftover washed blueberry container (seriously, I’m a recycling fool and I didn’t even know it!). I was shocked at how engaged Jake was for both. He loved playing with the caps and even went back to it later at his table. For a kid who would be active literally every minute of the day if he could, this is really quite something!

Squeeze Pouch Caps

Activity 1. Stacking and Color Sorting.

I started off by saying, “Let’s make a tower!” But I was secretly a little giddy when he started placing them in individual color towers and then talking about each color. Apparently my eye for detail just may be coming through after all. Hee hee. This would be a great way for someone even a little younger than him to start working through their colors in a fun way. I’ve also seen his teachers use same colored bowls for sorting and learning. Once Jake is a little older I could even take it a step further by writing the color words down on index cards and asking him to sort that way. What a fun way to help with sight words!

Stacking Game

Stacking Game

Activity 2. Pattern Play.

The night before, I made a simple word document with filled in shape boxes all in the same colors as the caps we had. I made each line its own pattern and then printed it out. Before playing, I explained that each line had a pattern and that he could match the caps to the pattern to figure it out. He really had a ball with this and after a few minutes it changed into making pathways that connected, etc. You can download the pattern play worksheet, but I plan on making this again with a few changes. A horizontal view would let patterns continue and really hit home. Also, numbering each line might give a clearer view on when a pattern starts and ends. Overall though a win for fun learning!

Pattern Play Printable

Pattern Play Pattern Play

So, that’s what we’ve been up to in learning activities around the house. Next, I really want to explore more ways to include learning about space since he is VERY into space right now. Very cute and, hey, I have a lot to learn too! Back when I was a kid Pluto was still a planet! Ha!! What ways have you used materials from around the house? Any cool ideas to share?

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