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Girls Weekend at Clifton Inn

Best Friends at Winery

Obviously as besties dating all the way back to high school, Kristin and I love to get together just the two of us to really hang out. Unfortunately, we don't get the chance that often these days. Between our families, jobs and just life in general, friend time often doesn't happen. So, when we had the opportunity to stay at the Clifton Inn for a girls weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia we did a happy dance at the chance. Living just a few hours away, exploring Charlottesville had always been on my bucket list. The area is known...

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Kid Snack: Dino Chips

Dino Chips

As the mama of two children who aren't all that interested in food, I'm forever trying to find fun ways to get them excited about eating. I've found that bringing their interests to the table really helps. My little guy, for instance, is all about dinosaurs. He can't learn enough about them. So, serving him a snack in the shape of his favorite prehistoric animals is a slam dunk! Enter dino chips...

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