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How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Your Kids

We're lucky enough to have a lovely cleaning women that helps us out around the house. My husband and I both work a ton of hours, so having her come in and do the heavy lifting, cleaning wise, is a life saver. That being said, it's not like she's there every day. We have to do plenty of maintenance in between her visits. And, frankly, I don't want my children growing up thinking there is always going to be someone there to clean up their messes. Picking up after themselves is an important part of...

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Easter Candy Bark

Easter Bark

Who doesn't love Easter candy? All those pretty pastel chocolate candies just waiting to be gobbled up!? Let's just say that sometimes the Easter bunny is more than generous when he comes to our house. Its all great but there tends to be a lot of leftover candy that somehow I end up eating. Well no more! This year I've decided the make Easter bark with the leftover candy and take it to work for coworkers to enjoy. This would also be a great treat to show up on an elderly neighbor's doorstep with since...

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