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Party Prep with Peapod

Peapod Review

I quite like to think of myself as a, "hostess with the mostess". You know, one of those amazing people who have parties that are wonderful and who look fabulous and calm while doing so? In my mind, that's who I strive to be. The reality is me running around like wild, crazy person. I'm exhausted just trying to get it all shopped for, prepped and cleaned before the guests arrive. December is a particularly hard month between all of the holidays and having both kids with December birthdays. I'm so sensitive to them having their special day,...

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Moana Inspired White Chocolate Oreos

Have you guys seen the new Disney film Moana? I've heard amazing things about it and it's definitely on our holiday vacation to do list. We try to see at least one movie together as as family while the kids are on break and Moana is definitely in the running. Being the Disney nut that I am, I thought it would be fun to do a Moana themed activity before we saw the movie to help get the kids even more pumped up. Say hello to an easy Moana chocolate treat! Considering what time of year...

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