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Dressing Room Selfies: J. Crew Summer Must Haves

J. Crew Summer Must Haves

Earlier this week we brought you our dressing room selfie sesh from Nordstrom. And I think it’s just plain fun to see how clothes really look on a body in a dressing room. Typically the lighting isn’t great but it shows you the real deal, no sucking it all in here! These photos are just us being us, you know shopping around with a coffee in our hands while my husband was at home wrangling kids. Today we have more from that same day of bestie shopping at J. Crew. Another one of our favorite...

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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Kay's Mother's Day Jewelry

Over the years my Mom has always been my rock. My personal cheerleader who roots me on to strive for my very best in life. If something exciting happens the first person I still call, even now, is my Mom. If something not so great happens, you guessed it, I immediately call my Mom. Heck even in the delivery room she was the only one willing to tell me, as I begged for drugs, an epidural, ANYTHING, that I could do this and have this baby there with her there by my side. Like I...

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Weekend Worthy Milkshakes, Floats and Frozen Treats


If there is one thing us girls here at Take Time for Style love, it's a boozy shake. That goes double for our husbands. They actually help us quite a bit with our business and they're always happier about it when we serve up a tasty treat while we're workin'. Haha! And boozy shakes just so happen to be our speciality, along with various other forms of milkshakes, floats and frozen treats. So, since it's the weekend, the perfect time to treat yourself, I thought I would round up some of our favorite oh so...

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Metallic Sandals Must Haves

Gold Sandals Featured

You've probably noticed that this girl kind of has an affinity for metallic sandals. Take my go-to metallic gladiator sandals for instance. I have rocked those bad boys with everything from maxi dresses, to skinnies and even boyfriend jeans! Their metallic nature makes them oh so very versatile and, thus, easily dressed up or down. It's why I tend to turn to them season after season. That being said, it's probably time to add some more metallic sandals to my shoe family and, while I'll probably stick with another gold pair, because gold just goes...

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Striped Off the Shoulders Top + Red Gladiator Sandals

Striped Off the Shoulders Top

It's time for another post featuring shoulders. I mean I know you didn't actually think I was going to only let Kristin get in on the off the shoulder trend. That's right, I've put my toes in the water and have decided it's time to go all in. I am LOVING it! It feels so good after months of chilly weather to bare those shoulders. This striped off the shoulders top is so my style and perfect for strolling around the docks of Annapolis, my hometown. Also, note bring sunglasses when you decide to do...

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Are Tassel Accessories Over?

Are Tassel Accessories Over

It's the million dollar question. Tassels are everywhere right now for the second (or is it the third?) summer in a row. But are tassel accessories over? Have they reached their peak only to be on their way waving good-bye to all of use with their cute strings waving in the wind? OR are they here to stay awhile longer cheering us on as we continue to be energized by their festive vibes? We've been debating this a bit in my office on our lunch walks and the consensus among us girls is that we...

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16 Margaritas Perfect for Celebrating

Summer style guide copy FEATURE

With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, we wanted to start getting ourselves prepared. Mexican food is such a staple in our household and among so many of our friends. It also serves as a great way to teach the kids about another culture and geography. My 5-year-old still struggles a bit with understanding North and South America and how there are several countries etc. This is a great learning opportunity! And while there are many delicious things on the menu, the one I'm most looking forward to is a nice ice cold margarita! Of course going...

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