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Three Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. And while I'm SO tempted to bring out my holiday decorations NOW, I'm really trying to stay in the moment this year and give Thanksgiving the attention it's due. I have so much to be thankful for from my family, to our health and even our new home, so while I might typically start the holiday baking and crafting fun early, I've decided to focus on more Thanksgiving projects with the kiddos this November. In fact, I think we'll even start working on...

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8 Fall Sweaters $75 and Under

Fall Sweaters

I feel like it's about this time every year, when its been cold for a few weeks, that I suddenly realize that I need a little sweater refresh. It's not always major but just two or three new sweaters to carry me through until Christmas. I'm a total fall sweater, jeans and sneakers kind of girl and I tend to really wear the heck out of my sweaters each year. So it's really no surprise that a few new ones each year are needed. Of course with November and December approaching we are also headed...

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Shopbop Cozy Fall Favorites

Shopbop Fall Favorites

The weather has snapped and it's officially sweater weather. Even in Florida the temperatures are cooling and we're all pumped to start wearing our boots and blanket scarves! In case you need an excuse to stock up on some fresh sweaters, we're sharing our Shopbop fall favorites. Shopbop Fall Favorites As you know we both love finding both deals and splurges from a huge variety of our favorite designers on the Shopbop site. Sometimes I get bored with the typical stores and this is a great place to get inspired! Below are nine pieces that are calling...

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Three Ways to Wear a Sweater this Fall

When you think about sweaters, your mind probably immediately go to winter right? That's certainly the case for us here in the south. Until today, it just hasn't been cool enough to even think about sweaters, but cooler weather finally seems to be on its way and being that winter won't officially be here for a quite a while, it's definitely time to start thinking about our sweater style! Now as much as I love a thick, cozy knit, I probably won't be able to comfortably wear one until the holiday season. But big bulky...

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Perfectly Pear Champagne Cocktail

Pear Champagne Cocktail

While I don't get to entertain as much as I used to, I'm a firm believer in greeting guests with a festive cocktail when they walk through the door. Typically I vote for only planning to start the party with a specialty drink. You can easily switch to beer and wine but something about starting off with a cocktail just gets the party going. This pear champagne cocktail is a great way to celebrate fall flavors. The bubbles also balance so well with the delicate tastes of pear. It's easy to make and will still...

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Three Tasty Halloween Treats

We moved into a new home a couple months ago and have been hard at work making it our own. While my family has been over helping us with various house projects, we haven't hosted them for a party yet. Luckily, Halloween is providing us with the perfect occasion to have them over for a little celebration. And while I'm thrilled to be hosting Halloween this year, I'm going to have to stick to fast and easy treats because, as you know, Halloween is landing on a school night which means I don't have all...

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Feeling Lighthearted in a Fun Graphic Tee

Fun Graphic Tee

Living in the Washington, DC area it's hard not to notice that fashion can be taken soooooo seriously. Lots of power suits happening around here folks! I thought things were relaxing a bit. And then I took a stroll near the Capitol about the time all the staffers were arriving with their morning coffee. Nope. It was like swimming in a sea of black, grey and navy slacks. So I'm taking a more lighthearted approach to weekend wear. It's time to break out! This fun graphic tee that I found in the kids section at...

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