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Our Favorite RoC Skincare Products

Our Favorite RoC

With lots of travel and winter weather starting to arrive, we thought it would be a great time of year to dish about our favorite RoC skincare products. Kristin and I have personally tested almost every RoC product available. We both have different skin types and live in drastically different climates. Kristin faces the harsh sun of Florida while I face the cold and windy winters of Maryland. Even so, the RoC skin care product line has worked wonders for us both. Neither one of us have ever had a bad reaction or breakout and always have glowing...

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How Where You Live Could Affect Your Skin

roc skincare

If you've been around these parts a time or two, you probably know that I live in Tampa, Florida, while Megan works in DC and makes her home in Annapolis. You might think based on that limited amount of information that my skin would be at a higher risk for wrinkles simply due to the fact that the sun is so much more intense where I live. Would you believe that's not actually the case? RoC® skincare conducted a study on the most wrinkle prone cities in the United States and, surprisingly, no Florida cities are...

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Mirada de Provence, Skincare Products to Love

Hand Lotion 2

(Save 20% on $60 or more by 10/22. Code: OCTSALE) Using quality skincare products is one way that I keep my face and skin looking fresh and great. Over time, I've learned that if I keep my skin well hydrated and healthy, the rest of my beauty routine can be pretty simple. After all, when you have great healthy skin there is often no need to put on a thick layer of make-up. So, I'm excited to share an exciting company, Mirada de Provence, with you. Mirada de Provence makes a line of high quality skincare products...

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Best Fall Nail Polish Colors

Plaid Hands

You may have noticed that we are a little fall obsessed around here. Sure we love changing out our clothes for the season. But I also like to start making the change into fall nail polish colors. This time of year I am just not loving tropical pinks and pastels on my fingers. I prefer making the switch to darker moody shades or warm neutrals. And while I like to browse all the salon colors on the wall, I typically purchase a few of my go-to shades to take with me. This lets me fix...

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Fashion Week Inspired Fall Must Haves

must haves

I've been going to New York City during fashion week for years now. If you've been around these parts a time or two, you may remember when Megan and I used to cram as many fashion shows into our jam packed NCY trips as we possibly could. Motherhood, and life in general, may have forced us to slow things down a bit, but I'll always cherish those times we had together at Bryant Park and Lincoln Center every September and February! These days you'll still typically find me in the Big Apple during fashion week, but I'm more...

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Become a Mom Boss: How to Start a Business

mom boss coffee

Way back when Megan and I started our little business here, we didn't intend on it being an actual business. We were simply two friends who both needed creative outlets at a stressful time in our lives. My first baby had just been born and Megan was powering her way through business school. A blog that we could work on together seemed like a natural way for us to stay connected, while, at the same time, focusing our attention on something fun. Well, fast forward nearly a decade later and our little blog has made us...

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Get Your Body Ready for Back to School Season

featured supplements

Now that the kids are back to school, or headed back there soon, us busy mamas have to take a beat and really focus on our well-being. If we aren't in tip top shape, we're bound to get buried under our hectic schedule. So, taking care of ourselves should be at the top of our back to school season priorities list! You may remember when I shared my DIY self care kit a few weeks ago. Each and every item that I selected for it was something that I love and use myself, particularly the supplements. As I've...

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