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How to Refresh Tired Eyes


There is one part of your face that will always give away how tired you are and it's your eyes of course. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your skin, especially around your eyes, but sometimes it's simply unavoidable. If you have a baby, a toddler getting used to a big kid bed or even a tween with sleep issues at home, you probably aren't logging an ideal amount of hours in the old rest bank. Don't worry, this too shall pass. But until that time, let's talk about how to refresh tired eyes. I...

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Three Hairstyles for Busy Moms

hairstyles for moms

It's time to get real. Like real, real. Lets talk hair washing and mommyhood and how hard it is for the two to meet. Before having kids I literally had the time to wash my hair every other day. Sometimes every day. And this included 30 minutes for blow drying and styling. Girl, my hair looked good! Now, that extra time to get primped just doesn't exist. I have to carve it out in my day and it is really hard to find. So I do what most of my other friends do. I stretch it...

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How to Give Life to Color Treated Hair

colored hair help

I'm sure you've noticed that this girl has color treated hair. My greys started coming in fierce, and oh so strong, after my lil' lady was born and I've been coloring it ever since. At first I just covered up the grey, but in the past couple of years I've gotten a little adventurous with my hair and have done everything from full on highlights, to balayage and even the ombre look! And no matter how I decide to color my mane, one thing remains constant. I have to use products that will work best...

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Must Have Birchbox Finds

Birchbox2 (1)

Megan and I just love finding Birchbox surprises in the mail each month. For product junkies like us, getting a box full of new goodies to try out is kind of amazing. And, like with most subscription boxes, sometimes there are things that we absolutely love and sometimes we find a product or two that isn't so much up our alley. So, when I opened December's Birchbox, I was thrilled to find a slew of products that ALL excited me. I couldn't wait to try each and every one. And let me tell you...

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RoC Sensitive Skin Products

Roc Sensitive Skin products

Kristin and I both often get asked by friends for product recommendations. It's true, we do get to test out a lot of products. But all skin just isn't the same. When you add in different climates and seasons, our individual skincare needs can even change throughout the year. I know that my skin changes dramatically from the super dry winters to the very humid summers we have here in Maryland. Which is why I'm so glad that there are RoC sensitive skin products available. These products are specifically designed for people who have skin that is sensitive to...

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Our Favorite RoC Skincare Products

Our Favorite RoC

With lots of travel and winter weather starting to arrive, we thought it would be a great time of year to dish about our favorite RoC skincare products. Kristin and I have personally tested almost every RoC product available. We both have different skin types and live in drastically different climates. Kristin faces the harsh sun of Florida while I face the cold and windy winters of Maryland. Even so, the RoC skin care product line has worked wonders for us both. Neither one of us have ever had a bad reaction or breakout and always have glowing...

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How Where You Live Could Affect Your Skin

roc skincare

If you've been around these parts a time or two, you probably know that I live in Tampa, Florida, while Megan works in DC and makes her home in Annapolis. You might think based on that limited amount of information that my skin would be at a higher risk for wrinkles simply due to the fact that the sun is so much more intense where I live. Would you believe that's not actually the case? RoC® skincare conducted a study on the most wrinkle prone cities in the United States and, surprisingly, no Florida cities are...

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