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CVS Curbside Pickup, Errands Made Easy

CVS Curbside Pickup

Have you ever been running errands and feel like you’ve pushed your kids to the brink of a meltdown? I’ve certainly been there! I have a friend who swears by having no more than three in-and-out of the car seat transitions in one outing. I started paying attention with my own children and sure enough that seems to be the threshold of how much my little guys can take before they start getting restless and losing it. Let’s face it, no matter how necessary it might be, getting them in and out of car seats for...

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How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to Make A Diaper Cake

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers and Luvs at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine. It's baby season!! I know that might seem funny to say when we all have fall pumpkins and boots on the brain but I swear it's true! According to the experts, an average of 12,250 babies are born each day during the summer and early fall. That's ONE THOUSAND more babies a day than the rest of the year! My head is spinning just thinking of all those baby showers! As you...

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Favorite Women’s Running Gear

womens running gear

Throughout the process of training for and running in my first half marathon (you can read all of those details here) I tested and tried out a lot of women's running gear. After all, I was hitting the pavement every other day for over six months. And while no two runners are alike, yes apparently we runners are all precious snowflakes, I thought I would share what women's running gear truly worked best for me. There are some shorts, socks and even headphones I tried that did not make my race day cut. With all...

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Chicco Fit2 LE Makes Staying Rear Facing Easy

Review of the Chicco Fit2 LE

Finding a car seat that you love can feel overwhelming. Especially for first time expecting moms. There is so much information to sift through to make sure your precious little one stays as safe as possible. With car seat safety recommendations stating that children should be rear-facing until 2-years-old, the Chicco Fit2® LE 2-Year Rear-Facing Infant & Toddler Car Seat makes meeting that guideline easy. Which is really saying something. As children are growing, it is important to find a car seat that will grow with them and meet the safety recommendations. I was excited to...

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Back to School Prep with CVS

Back to School Prep with CVS

Whether the kids realize it or not, us Moms are in the throws of back to school prep while they are still blissfully running through sprinkles and chasing fireflies. Both of those activities have been happening a lot around my house this summer as we enjoy these final days before Jake starts Kindergarten. Sure he’s gone to pre-school these past few years but this is the first year that we will be riding the bus and heading off into the elementary school sunset. This guy is SO ready and excited to take on Kindergarten! Thankfully I...

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That time I had zero diapers with me…

Sams Club Pampers Diapers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G - Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine. // Most of us moms tend to be pretty brand loyal once we discover something really great that works for our children. Yes, I'm always looking out for new information or products, but once something works I'm all in. That's how I feel about Pampers diapers. I've used them for years and any time I tried another diaper brand it just wasn't the same in terms of dryness and making sure my guys are fully...

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Managing Self-Care For the Whole Family

CVS Self-Care for the Whole Family

I’ve been doing this whole Mom thing now for 5 years. And while I’m by no means a parenting expert, it is definitely true that no one knows my kids better than I do. I can look across the room and instantly realize one of them just doesn’t “look right” and sure enough they will have a fever, allergies or some other fun bug caught from one of their buddies on the playground. The whole “momtuition” thing is real! As a family, we’ve been using CVS for years for it’s pharmacy, beauty aisle, as well as...

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What’s In My Diaper Bag 2.0

What's In My Diaper Bag 2.0

Packing a diaper bag so that it has everything you need, yet doesn't weigh a ton, is tough. Having two kids or more and it's a true art form. So I thought it was high time for a What's In My Diaper Bag 2.0 video. After all my boys have grown and are now 2 and 5, which means a lot has changed since my first diaper bag video when Max was just a teeny infant. First let's break down the situation. Yes, this is one of my favorite summer diaper bags. I don't change my diaper bags...

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7 Tips for Working From Home

Tips for Working From Home

Working from home can be so amazing, especially as a Mom who loves seeing her kids throughout the day. There is also so much time saved from getting ready in the morning to no commute. However, it can also be a real challenge. Without establishing clear boundaries and a consistent schedule, kids can barge in during those important conference calls or you may even find yourself getting sidetracked by mounds of laundry. So Kristin and I sat down to talk through our top 7 tips for working from home. After years of doing working from...

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Last Minute Easter Finds from Lego

It's Good Friday which means that Easter Sunday is right around the corner and if the Easter Bunny hasn't yet picked up the goodies he/she going to leave for your kiddos this weekend, time is of the essence! Well, the Easter Bunny doesn't need to panic just yet. I mean as long as the Easter Bunny can find a Target, for example, all hope is not lost. Am I right? Those baskets can be filled in no time...

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