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The Aldi Little Journey Baby Line

Aldi Little Journey Line

My little guy Max has a HUGE appetite. At only 1 1/2 he is pretty tall and definitely always on the go, typically with a snack in hand to keep him fueled for his next adventure. It's funny how different children can be from one another. His older brother has to be reminded and prodded to eat. Food just isn't his priority. Meanwhile Max, with his big sweet personality, has a genuine love for eating and sharing his food, which is why I was excited to discover and share with you the ALDI Little Journey product...

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Living and Loving A Complete Life With The BELONG Tour


Do you ever feel like you live on an island? Man-oh-man do I ever. Everyone is always in a different stage of life or situation, and for me having my two little guys, a husband who travels A LOT for work, and no family nearby can be very isolating and lonely. Sure I've got an awesome crew of family and friends in my life. They all just live kind of spread out and far away. And it's hard to make other mom friends, especially when you have to cancel on them often or always show up with...

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How to Take Kids Beach Photos

Kid Beach Photos

We all want gorgeous photos of our children, and your summer beach vacation is an ideal setting to get those adorable kid beach photos. The sunsets, sand dunes and waves all scream beautiful photos to be had! But its not always realistic to hire a photographer. It can get expensive or hard to squeeze into the vacation schedule. I typically only do an official family photoshoot once a year and then take my own photos of the kiddos throughout the year. And of course just when I had mastered taking beach photos of Jake, we had...

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Baby Registry Must Have: Chicco NaturalFit Bottles

chicco bottle

Are you expecting a baby this year? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who will be welcoming his or her little bundle of joy? If so, we have a must have baby gift and/or registry pick for you. Meet Chicco NaturalFit Bottles. These are THE bottles to help mom and baby achieve feeding success. Even if you plan on breastfeeding, Chicco NaturalFit Bottles can come in very handy as they mimic breastfeeding in form, feel and function. That means they’re basically breast-like so you don’t have to worry about the confusion that can come when...

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Personalized Gifts for Kids from I See Me!


Not only do Megan and I run a business together, we're life long best friends too which means our kids were automatically required to be friends at birth. Haha! Good thing they love each other as much as we hoped they would! The dual family vacay we took last summer solidified that. Now they're forever wanting to know when they can visit each other next. In fact, just yesterday the lil' lady bean asked if she could go see Megan...

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Celebrating Mom and Our Memorable Moments Together with Land’s End


Mother's Day is such a special day for me now that my darling kiddos are here, but I started celebrating it many moons ago thanks to my own beautiful mama. She was and is the kind of mother who always put us first and we never questioned for one moment how much we were loved. In fact, she deserves to be celebrated more than just once a year, that's for sure, especially since she just took me on a trip of a lifetime a few months ago. During the holiday season we went on a ten day...

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AT&T mHealth Baby Monitor & Giveaway


Ok my fellow mamas, what’s the first thing you do when your baby falls asleep? Besides turn on the monitor of course! Once Max is asleep I have some dedicated time to spend with Jake. It's hard being the big brother and this is Jake’s special time in the day. We build with blocks or bake cookies and do the things it's hard to do with little hands around breaking and grabbing. And don’t worry, once Jake goes down I finally get my relax time with Netflix and a glass of vino! It's so nice having a...

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10 Easy Sensory Bucket Ideas for Toddlers

Max is already 15 months (I know!! Where did that time go?!) and I am constantly looking for easy ways to entertain him. Sensory buckets have become a favorite go-to. They are great for learning how to sort, observe new objects, use their motor skills and more. Here are 10 easy sensory bucket ideas for toddlers that use everyday objects and Max really seems to love. That's right they are toddler approved! 1. Pasta bucket - Use a few boxes of different shapes and sizes to fill the bin about halfway. Some plastic cups or measuring...

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