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Feeling Lighthearted in a Fun Graphic Tee

Fun Graphic Tee

Living in the Washington, DC area it's hard not to notice that fashion can be taken soooooo seriously. Lots of power suits happening around here folks! I thought things were relaxing a bit. And then I took a stroll near the Capitol about the time all the staffers were arriving with their morning coffee. Nope. It was like swimming in a sea of black, grey and navy slacks. So I'm taking a more lighthearted approach to weekend wear. It's time to break out! This fun graphic tee that I found in the kids section at...

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Rockin’ Nineties Style this Fall

If you asked me what my least favorite decade when it comes to fashion is, I would probably say the nineties. Although I loved loved loved the 90210 era, I wasn't so much into the style. And when it's come back time and time again over the years, I haven't been one to jump on the "trend." Well, I recently scored a fun light rinse denim jacket that had me feelin' all the nineties feels and now I'm wondering if I was too quick to judge. Because you know what? I'm totally loving the look...

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Spice It Up With This Velvet Fringe Kimono

Velvet Fringe Kimono

How to Wear a Velvet Fringe Kimono I love adding rich tones and fabrics into my wardrobe once the weather really snaps into fall. And I'm so glad it has because I've been absolutely dying to wear this velvet fringe kimono! Now you know Kirstin and I both love kimonos, ponchos, and just about anything that is an easy and comfortable way to look festive in under 10 seconds. Speed is often the name of my game when getting ready. Ahhh how I long for those days when I got like a good ninety minutes to get...

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Infinity Scarf Style

I don't believe I have ever found an accessory that I love as much as scarves. I live for scarf weather and, being that I live in Florida, scarf appropriate weather is rather fleeting, so I rock them as much as I can when the temps warrant. And while a large and in charge blanket scarf is typically my go-to scarf of choice, the infinity scarf is just so easy to style. You literally just loop it around your neck and fluff. That's all there is to it. So, on the days when time is...

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Lantern Sleeves and Pale Pink Cropped Jeans

Pale Pink Cropped Jeans

I'm sharing a look today that I think transcends most seasons. When you love something as much as I love these pale pink cropped jeans, you find ways to make it work for you as often as possible. Oh and while yesterday was our last day of our Moms Do Fall Fashion collab, our $150 Nordstrom gift card giveaway is still going strong so head over to enter! Pale Pink Cropped Jeans And now on to how I'm styling these pale pink cropped jeans right now! This year the weather has been a little wild. Our typical...

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How to Wear Camo this Fall

Prints have always been my jam and I've found myself turning to one type of print in particular each and every fall the past several years. Let's talk about how to wear camo for fall! But before we get to our final Mom's Do Fall Fashion look, make sure you check out Molly from Stilettos and Diapers and her darling fall outfit. I'm all kinds of crushin' on her grey booties, but I digress...

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White Lightweight Sweater for Fall

Fab Fit Fun Wrap

Happy Monday loves! It's a brand new week and I'm excited to take on another fun and hectic fall workweek. October schedules are just SO beyond packed but it's all good stuff and staying positive and caffeinated is key. Today we have another Moms Do Fall Fashion post featuring a white lightweight sweater for fall this is simply effortless. We are also linking up with That Chic Mom who has styled some really cute fancy sweatshirts that you won't want to miss! And of course we still have that $150 Nordstrom Gift Card giveaway happening...

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The Jumpsuit Outfit: Yay or Nay

The jumpsuit has always been hotly debated, but I do believe it's becoming acceptable and even liked by more and more people. Sure, there's the whole bathroom situation that makes it a tad bit more challenging to wear than, say, sweatpants, bwah! But I think the comfort and style of today's jumpsuits makes them more than worth it! And that is why I'm focusing on a jumpsuit outfit for today's Moms Do Fall Fashion look. After you've taken a look at my outfit details, head over to Unlikely Martha to see what the oh so...

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What They Really Think of Kindergarten & Updating Kids Fall Clothes

Updating Kids Fall Clothes

School is officially in full swing! Here in Maryland we didn’t start Kindergarten until Mid-September while Kristin’s kids started in early August. That’s quite a difference! And since we both have Kindergartner’s in the mix it has been a huge change for our households. And while we of course added a few back-to-school items to their closets, we both agree that the big push is updating kids fall clothes. Updating Kids Fall Clothes When you first start school you are still faced with really hot days. It’s all shorts and t-shirts and sundresses. But now that the...

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