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Easy Fall Centerpiece with Hearth & Hand

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is nearly here?! I've spent so much time focusing on my holiday decorating ideas, that I realized I needed to put together some Thanksgiving thoughts too! Now last week I shared the mini fall wine bar that I styled with some of my Hearth & Hand with Magnolia scores and this week I thought I would give you a peek at an easy fall centerpiece that I put together. It took me next to no time and would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table! In fact, I do believe I'll...

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Fall Wine Bar Featuring Hearth & Hand

Hi, my name is Kristin and I love everything Joanna Gaines touches. I know some may be over rubbed oil bronze, farmhouse sinks and shiplap, but I am not one of those girls. I just love the cozy, homey spaces that Joanna designs on Fixer Upper, so I, of course, had to head right out this weekend when the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Collection launched at Target! It was a busy scene at Target, so I didn't get all the items on my wish list, but that's what my online cart is for. Haha!...

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Three Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

It's finally here! It feels like it took forever, but our favorite season is now well under way. You've probably noticed how much we love this season thanks to the plethora of fall outfits we've been sharing, but that's not the only fall fun we've been having. We're getting our kiddos in on the action with some of our favorite fall crafts. Any mama with busy little children knows that occupying them with a craft can buy you at least a few moments of peace. That's usually when I grab another quick cup of coffee....

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My Favorite Summer Finds

I recently returned from our annual summer trip to our family's vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and, as always, had a wonderful time. I tried to unplug as much as I could and really soak in every moment that I spent with my hubs and kiddos. This is our last summer before our baby starts kindergarten. That's right! Next year both of my babes will be in school full time. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy if you ask me. Haha! So, you could say this mama was feeling a bit emotional on our...

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Sleeping Beauty Party Ideas

I always love a good party theme. Don't you? For the first four years of her life, my baby girl had birthday parties with themes that ranged from Parisian, to Minnie Mouse, to The Little Mermaid and even a Peppa the Pig tea party. So, when it came time for her 5th birthday, I couldn't wait for her to choose a theme. I was pleasantly surprised when she went with one of my favorite childhood Disney princesses Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora, as she calls her. How cute would a Sleeping Beauty party be? As it...

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8 of the Most Fun Pool Floats

Most Fun Pool Floats

With warmer weather here and my pool officially opened for the season, it's time to stock up on the pool party essentials. After all, that's where I plan to spend a good majority of the next few months! This Memorial Day weekend has me happily at home working on getting my house prepped with fresh planted flowers, cute pool cushions, and of course the most fun pool floats that you've ever seen! Last year felt like it was all about that swan pool float. It took the world by storm. It was so pretty and you just...

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How to Recover Fabric Chairs

How to recover fabric chairs

Learning how to recover fabric chairs has always been on my DIY bucket list. I've read scores of articles on how to tackle the project and finally decided this weekend to take it on. Of course having four chairs in desperate need might have nudged me a bit. These past few years of eating with toddler boys have left a mess of spills and stains that has gotten out of hand. Cue the embarrassed face when anybody comes for dinner. A few months ago I bought fabric for the chairs and it has sat in a closet...

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Pretty Holiday Cards from Minted

Holiday cards are a tradition that I just love. We excitedly open the mailbox to receive updates and greetings from friends and family all over the world. And for little ones who might not remember exactly who someone is, it is a great way to go over the photos and talk about family stories and how we are all connected. Did I you tell it's something I just truly love!? Haha! We've used Minted holiday cards for the past few years and the quality and variety in their cards are just breathtaking. Each year I kind...

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How to Paint Your House Yourself

A little over eight years ago the hubs and I moved into our first home. Our cozy little space has seen two babies come into the world and countless special memories, but it's time for our family to move on which means it's also time to get our house ready to sell. You know all those little projects that you put off over the years? Well, when it comes time to list your home, you need to make sure it's move in ready for the next owners. So, while I love the sweet doodles my...

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