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How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Your Kids

We're lucky enough to have a lovely cleaning women that helps us out around the house. My husband and I both work a ton of hours, so having her come in and do the heavy lifting, cleaning wise, is a life saver. That being said, it's not like she's there every day. We have to do plenty of maintenance in between her visits. And, frankly, I don't want my children growing up thinking there is always going to be someone there to clean up their messes. Picking up after themselves is an important part of...

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Babyganics Review


Do you ever have an experience with a product or company that you just love so much that you HAVE to share it. Like with everyone? Even strangers on the street?! I have a cousin notorious for this and once she is in love with something new, lordy you better buckle your seatbelt because you will catch her enthusiasm and have a crate of whatever it is delivered to your house in no time. Well that's how I feel about babyganics. I want to sing it opera style from the rooftops and make sure every parent I know is...

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How to Create an Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Outdoor Fall Table

Great fall weather always gives me energy to get up and take things outdoors. Whether its a long hike, throwing around the ball or making a picnic, to me the crisp fall air and bright sunshine are just perfect for getting out before a long winter takes hold. For years I've loved the idea of taking a real dinner party outside for fall. I blame all those magazine spreads! So when I had the chance to shop a sale from Everything But The House I knew I wanted to look for a table that I could...

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Flower Arrangement Class and Tips

Final Floral Arrangements

While visiting my dear friend, Kim, this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a fabulous flower arranging event. This is something Kim had attended on numerous occasions and had shared wonderful stories with me in the past. I couldn't wait to be a part of it. And, I can tell you this, I was far from being disappointed! Wow! The venue was a beautiful flower store, Wonderland Floral Art and Gift Loft, in St Petersburg, FL. Run by two sisters, they have a wonderful operation going. I just love supporting local small business owners,...

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Pretty Minted Party Decor

Things have been pretty busy all month around here. In addition to several trips, Shelby got married! If you’ve been with us a while you may remember that Shelby is my husband’s daughter and she’s posted with us a time or two. I’m so proud to have this strong, beautiful girl as part of my family and that she is officially married to a wonderful man we all adore! As part of our full weekend of wedding festivities we hosted a post-Wedding brunch. It was a time for us all to get together at their house,...

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Easy Fall Decor Tips

It's officially here, my favorite time of year! Fall is the start of all the end of the year best times. And of course, fall fashion! The weather in Florida hasn't quite given up the heat of summer just yet (ok, let’s face it, it’s still hot!) there is the occasional moment of coolness in the evening air. Even better, the sunsets become more brilliant as the days end earlier and earlier. A few fall decor additions to the house really help it feel like the season and that we have the fall weather we are...

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7 Daily Cleaning Tips to Keep Your House Spotless

Daily Cleaning Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a spotless house every single day? Well, a magic fairy won’t do it for you, but there are things you can do every single day to help  keep your house feeling spotlessly clean. Check out these 7 daily cleaning tips to make it happen! #1. Always clear out your sink. Whether you want to or not, doing your dishes is an important part of having a spotless house. You can even go a step further and dry and put away the dishes as you wash them. This will help...

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Easy Flower Arrangements

Sunflowers with Lemon

One of my favorite things to do is find fun flowers and create different and easy flower arrangements. The possibilities are endless! As this is a particularly warm summer in Portland this year, I'm finding I want to bring all our beautiful outside gardens inside as much as I can. This morning, I headed to my favorite Trader Joe's and picked out several fun flower options I thought would make for some really fab arrangements. They usually have a ton of choices and certainly the best prices. Flowers in tow, I headed home to begin my fun! What...

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