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Jeweled Summer Sandal

With warm weather finally here for good, I'm rocking sandals full time.  Only issue is that I could use a bit of a summer shoe update. I love sandals with a little bit of bling to help dress up just about any outfit.  These coral gecko sandals from C. Wonder are just enough sparkle and fun to add to a casual summer look.  So, who else is with me and has hidden the boots in the back of the closet? ...

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Discovering C. Wonder

I absolutely adore discovering a new store, online or otherwise.  So, when a friend forwarded me the link to C. Wonder, I was sold hook, line and sinker (thanks Cait!). I know many of you may have already discovered this gem of a shop, and even a few lucky enough to have checked it out in person (if so please send us the deets, I hear the dressing rooms are to die for!), but I was still reserving judgement until I made my first purchase.  I made that inaugural purchase last week and it all...

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