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25 Iced Coffee Recipes and Frozen Coffee Drinks

If there is one drink that we can't get enough of around here at Take Time for Style, apart from champers of course, it's coffee. We are both full blown java junkies and we're totally ok with that. Haha! Whether we're talking about sipping on a steaming cuppa Joe or enjoying a nice frozen coffee confection, we appreciate coffee in all its forms. That being said, since we're about to welcome summer's warm weather, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favorite iced coffee recipes and frozen coffee drinks....

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Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino Recipe

Mint Chocolate Frappacchino Recipe

If you asked Megan what neighborhood joint I hit up nearly every day, I'm fairly certain she could answer you immediately. And that answer would be Dunkin’ Donuts® of course. I have one not a mile from my house and after I drop off the kids at school, you'll often find me calling my bestie to check in while ordering a tasty bev at my neighborhood Dunkin'. And as much as I enjoy going to their stores, I equally enjoy whipping up their coffee at home. Luckily, I can always find Dunkin' Donuts coffee at my favorite...

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How to Stay Cool this Summer

When summer hits, I'm totally an iced tea girl. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a nice cold glass of iced tea. That being said, it doesn't exactly give me the caffeine jolt I'm often looking for, so even in the dead of summer I still turn to my daily cups of Joe. Let's be real though. A steaming cuppa coffee isn't what you're going to rely on to help cool you down when it's sweltering out. These are the dog days of summer people and it's HOT! So, let's talk about how to...

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Creating a Holiday Coffee Bar

I often joke that I like to run a small bed and breakfast on the side. It's just a joke, I don't truly. Although you are all more than welcome to come swing by and stay awhile! We have a great deal of company that visits us regularly. I love having a full house and everyone dear to us seems to be so far away! So while I may not be out dancing the night away like my younger years (ok I actually still might be doing that, I just pay for it WAY more...

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How to Make a Peppermint Latte

At this time of year, I often love a warm drink as my dessert at night. It feels good to sip on a sweet hot drink while watching a favorite movie. This peppermint latte recipe is no exception. It tastes like it would take a long time to make, but the beauty of it is that its really quick and easy. I promise, hand one of these to your partner as you settle in on the couch and you will have one happy camper. My husband acts like its his lucky day! If only everything...

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Champagne Saturday Goes Java: Green Style

Happy Champagne Saturday lovelies! For a short week, this one sure seemed long no? Friday night couldn't get here fast enough in my opinion! The hubs got home early, which means 7:00 versus 9:00, so we decided to get the dude out of the house as he was going BONKERS! For our outing I sported a HUMANWEAR eco friendly tee shirt that I was asked to review recently. HUMANWEAR is a local, Tampa area company, and I am so thrilled that their founder came across our blog. I chose the "greenlicious" tee and it's as comfortable...

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