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Three Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats


I know it's another month until Valentine's Day, but this holiday loving girl needs something new to focus on. Bwah! And much like Christmas, I start celebrating heart day a wee bit early. Why wait until the holiday is nearly upon us before we start having all kinds of fun with it? So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite Valentine's Day treats for those of you who are jonesin' for a little early celebrating too! You can bet my family can expect some pre Valentine's Day treats and surprises in the...

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Gingerbread Oreo Cookies

gingerbread oreo cookies

The big day is almost here! Can you believe it? Why does the holiday season have to go by SO fast? Mama still has lots of holiday to dos on her list and baking some more holiday goodies is one of them! Just in case you too haven't gotten all the baking out of your system or you need a sweet treat to take to your family's celebration this weekend, we're sharing a super cute idea! Behold...

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How to Freeze Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I love making and eating cookies. There is truly nothing like a plate of warm cookies with a tall glass of milk! I noticed recently that the recipe I was using for chocolate chip cookies made approximately 48 cookies. Ummm that's a lot of cookies when I'm making them just for our family! So rather than turn into the cookie monster and inhale them all right then and there, I decided to look into freezing half of the dough for later. After some research and experimenting, here is a great way that I've found to...

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