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The Must Have Maxi Dress

Must have maxi dress

Nothing says classic summer fashion than a maxi dress. They are so pretty and ideal for warm summer days. Plus they are deceivingly comfortable. Which is why I think I have truly found the must have maxi dress with this dove grey dress from Brass. Here's one hint why I consider it a must have. It has pockets! I mean a pretty maxi dress is great, but one with pockets and you have set me over into summer fashion heaven. Have you heard of Brass? I'm recently new to the brand and am really loving the...

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Our Favorite Ways to Wear Grey

I love color. Give me a bright bold lipstick and I'm such a happy girl. That being said, I, more often than not, find myself turning to neutral hues, namely grey, in the cold weather months. Grey is just my winter happy color. Although it's not vibrant color, it is such a great base for winter looks. In fact, I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our favorite grey outfits from the past few months. Perhaps you'll want to get in on the grey action too after seeing these ways...

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Featured Look: Smoke and Mirrors

I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow for a lovely event that Cabi is putting on and as I packed, I realized that every look I put together for my trip had some form of grey in it. Obsessed much? I can't help it. That "color" has always drawn me to it like a moth to a flame. Now that I'm pregnant again, I've found that I've been purchasing even more grey (and black too actually) and accessorizing them with brighter colors. The fact that I'm in denial about Tampa not having a proper winter could have something...

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$100 LuLu’s Shopping Spree Giveaway Today!

Good morning lovelies. I hope you weren't up as early as I was. The dude figured out how to get himself out of his crib a couple nights ago, so I'm sure you can imagine what's been going on over at our casa. It's been PARTY time! Why sleep when you can play the oh so fun game of climbing in and out of your crib over and over and over again with Mommy and Daddy? All I can say is thank goodness for coffee! Even if you're as sleep deprived as moi, our giveaway...

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How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends Now. Plus, it’s Kristin’s First VLOG!

Notes about my VLOG: Apparently I invert the word "for" for the word "about" a LOT. Apparently I use the phrase "you guys" a LOT. Apparently I use the word "ya'll" a LOT. Apparently I look like I roll my eyes a LOT.  Oh and holy crap I need to slap on some self tanner and amp up the workouts. I hope that wasn't too painful for YA'LL to watch. HA! So, as I mentioned in my VLOG, I'm starting to pine for Fall...

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