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My First Felt Hat

Winter Black Hat

Have you ever wondered if you can pull of a felt hat? You know the ones that grace the covers of magazines and are all over Pinterest come fall? Well I've been super intimidated to try out a felt hat but really loved the style. My fears basically circled around a few basic questions. What if I look like a goofball and what do I do with the hat once inside? Can you wear it at a dinner table at a restaurant? Once I decided I was ready to put my fashion fears aside and give it...

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Champagne Saturday: Hats Off To Fall

Happy Saturday! After sleeping over 9 hours and downing two cups of coffee I feel like a new woman. Ready to jump into the weekend! That means not only joining friends for a birthday hike and winery in West Virginia today, but also a day's worth of errands and shopping tomorrow. Not too shabby! Meanwhile Kristin is off dancing up a storm at a wedding. She does a killer Roger Rabbit that I'm sure the guests will appreciate. So while we might not be partaking in these photos, something...

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