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Stepping into Fall

J. Jill Jeans

It's still summer here but I'm starting to notice little hints of fall. A tree that looks like its turning slightly brown, evenings where the temperature is cooling a bit, and hopefully soon our favorite beverage, the PSL! When Kristin and I were at the White Stallion Ranch, the weather was a great mix of heat during the day and gentle breezes at night. This look is a great way to step into fall. The jeans and boots are perfect for a wide range of temperatures. Meanwhile the light infinity scarf and thin sweater top work together...

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BonBon Deal of the Day: Infinity Scarf

If you've been with us here at BonBon through the years, you know that I have a weakness for scarves. I rarely travel without one, no matter what season it is and I find them to be the perfect transitional piece for that tricky period between winter and spring. Infinity scarves are one of my favorite types as I literally just have to pop them on, no fancy looping required! This infinity scarf from Old Navy encompasses two of my favorite spring fashion trends, stripes and emerald! It would look adorable with a plain white tee,...

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