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Bright Ballet Striped Tee

Striped Tee and Blazer

Calling all tee-shirt lovers! We've found another great one and this bright ballet striped tee is definitely not one to miss. I love styling a tee with a blazer for a casual professional look, although I already have a few other ways I'm planning on wearing it. So the background. Knowing that I love stripes, you won't be surprised when I say I already have two striped tee's in my closet. But I discovered that they both felt a little short length wise which make them hard to wear, especially to work. I was on the...

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Pull-On Shorts Style

Honeycomb Top

This hot weather means that I am spending a lot of time outdoors playing. Typically shorts are not my go to look, but I have been embracing them more and more. After all, they allow me to play and move outside while giving me full coverage. And while I may not be giving my full normal smile up above, it's only because it was so BRIGHT and HOT outside. Thankfully I was smiling on the inside since I was so comfortable in my new favorite go to shorts. So, here's a look at my summer shorts...

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Champagne Saturday: Well Hydrated

Happy weekend!  It's bright and sunny and things are looking up.  Although I'm still rockin my PJs, which I'll spare you all a glimpse of.  My trip to Albuquerque left me with a nasty cold.  I'm blaming the woman with 6 kids scattered around me on my Southwest flight, but I totally forgive her.  I mean she had SIX KIDS! ON A PLANE!  A cold is peanuts compared to what that woman experiences on a daily basis, I'm guessing.  So despite my love for the good ol' bubbly, I'm drinking lots of fluids.  And when...

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