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My Favorite Summer Finds

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I recently returned from our annual summer trip to our family's vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and, as always, had a wonderful time. I tried to unplug as much as I could and really soak in every moment that I spent with my hubs and kiddos. This is our last summer before our baby starts kindergarten. That's right! Next year both of my babes will be in school full time. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy if you ask me. Haha! So, you could say this mama was feeling a bit emotional on our...

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September Style Favorite: Moccasins


I've waxed poetic about my love for Minnetonka moccasins more than once here and I'm definitely not done sharing all my favorite ways to wear moccasins this fall. I mean, there is literally an infinite amount of outfits that work with mocs. And while there are a slew of fabulous moccasins out there from all kinds of brands, Minnetonkas just happen to be my favorite! So, you can bet they're going to be a BIG part of this girl's September style! This look that I wore last year is perfect for early fall for instance. The...

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Laid-Back Style

Life has gotten really busy lately. So, since I'm on the move pretty much all week long, it's even more important to me that I'm comfortable when I'm out and about. It doesn't get much more comfortable than my mocs. I own the leopard Minnetonka Full Leopard Mocs, but I'm loving their spring colors and think this mustard pair is so cheerful! They make a perfect outfit styled with a comfy tee, relaxed cuffed jeans and a boho perfect bracelet. So, what do you wear when you want to be comfy, yet still look cute? Disclosure: This post...

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4th Blogiversary and Minnetonka Giveaway

Photo credit: Best Part Photography Lovelies, we are so excited to announce our 4th blogiversary!  It may be a couple months late, but we wanted to celebrate it nonetheless! We can't believe we've been blogging away for four years and we're still here all thanks to you guys, our amazing bloggy buds and readers. We especially want to thank you for sticking with us for the last year and a half. We've brought two BonBon babies into the world and that took up a lot of our time, but now that our fourth year is...

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