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Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

Leather Wrap Skirt Details

Are you getting ready for this weekend's holiday festivities? I sure am! Which is why I'm thrilled to share today's Moms Do Holiday Style look featuring my faux leather wrap skirt! Today we've partnered with the awesome women of Generation of Style and The Simple Moms. I'm obsessed with Generation of Style'ss floral midi dress and The Simple Moms fab Old Navy finds, so go over and take a look! And if you haven’t entered, make sure to head over to our $250 Nordstrom gift card giveaway. When I bought this faux leather wrap skirt it was from the...

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VIDEO: Three Fall Updates from the Nordstrom Sale


I'm super pumped to share this video highlighting three fall wardrobe updates, all of which I picked up from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few weeks ago. Updating your look for the fall season can seem daunting, and we know that while its "all about the fashion" in reality there are summer camps to pay for, back-to-school needs and more. So I picked up three items from the infamous, all you've been hearing about sale, that will work to transition seasonally without breaking the bank to the point of no return. Take a peek and...

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fall Boots

Nordstrom Boots

It's not too late to hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and snap up some great fall finds, especially boots. I normally don't get straight to the point like that, but in this case it feels important! I'm sure by now you've seen plenty of other sites and have had friends post about this great annual sale that Nordstrom holds for fall. You might even think you missed the boat. But the sale goes through August 8th and there are still so many great finds to be had! Both Kristin and I have been so...

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Nordstrom Anniversary Favorite Picks

Nordstrom Sale Picks

Have you been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? This is definitely one of my favorite sales of the year and it is well underway. It's a great time to snag things for the fall and if you aren't yet in the fall mindset there are so many great finds that can easily transition between the seasons. As much as I love summer and everything that goes with it, fall is one hundred percent my favorite season to shop for so I'm all about it! I've snagged a few of the items you see here online, and...

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Sale Dresses to Smile About

Sale dresses from Nordstrom

Having just had Max in December, I still have a ways to go until I'm back into my closet full throttle. I'm clearly not one of those ladies who just snaps her fingers and is back into her skinny jeans. And that's OK by me. I'll get there in due time and enjoy my sweet little guy in the meantime. That said, I really need some new clothes and right now shopping online is just easier than taking the crew with me and getting us all into a dressing room. Sticky fingers and crying infant...

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Champagne Saturday: Getting Cozy

Happy weekend! While Kristin is off in Philly having a glam filled girls weekend (hey ladies!!) here in Annapolis things are pretty low key.  I have some baking, shopping and decorating to do and tomorrow night it's a Hanukkah dinner with friends. Last night I had a few glasses of vino with dinner, so this morning I voted against the bubbly in favor of hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows.  It was the first I've had in ages and it was delish!  Floyd and I have a little Starbucks mug collection from places around the world...

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