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How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Your Kids

We're lucky enough to have a lovely cleaning women that helps us out around the house. My husband and I both work a ton of hours, so having her come in and do the heavy lifting, cleaning wise, is a life saver. That being said, it's not like she's there every day. We have to do plenty of maintenance in between her visits. And, frankly, I don't want my children growing up thinking there is always going to be someone there to clean up their messes. Picking up after themselves is an important part of...

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5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car

Is your car messy? If you're often in the car or have kids, it's very likely that your car is less neat than it could be. You may think wistfully back on when you first got it and how bare everything was then. You can't get your car completely empty again, but you can get it organized! If you want your car to be neater, you need these 5 Tips to Help You Organize Your Car! 1. Use the Center Console and Glove Box Appropriately Do you throw all sorts of random odds and ends into your...

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Name Labels From Minted

It's back to school time which also tends to be a great period to get organized. Let's face it, the things we send our kids to school, lessons and play dates with tend to get lost. It's frustrating to get home and realize that a lunchbox or thermos has been lost in the sea of kiddos once again. And that is why both Kristin and I tend to label everything! These new Minted labels add such personality and fun to children's name labels. The lil' bean is headed off to preschool (sob!) and you know her...

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Spring Cleaning: Operation Closet Clean Out

Spring Cleaning: Closet Clean Out

I think I've mentioned that right now I'm all about getting the house organized. Not a whole lot got done while I was pregnant. In fact I kinda just stuffed things into drawers and in closets and then stuck my feet up. It was worth it but its time to pay the piper and get organized. First up on the list of closet organization is what I affectionately call the "mega closet" in the basement. I find that it helps set the tone if you cup your hands over your mouth and shout "MEGA CLOSET!!". We...

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It’s time to get organized!

Anyone who knows me could tell you that organization is not exactly my strong suit. Call up any one of my roommates over the years and I’m sure they could fill your ear with tales of the disaster area that was my room. Well, now that I’m a parent and trying to work from home I think it’s about time I turn over a new leaf. Granted I’m not tripping over my clothes anymore but that’s because they are all stuffed in my closet. Ah ha! So I’ve found these great products to help get...

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