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Pink, Navy & HAWAII

So, does anybody else feel like they need a serious vacay? We would love to go on a babymoon before the little lady bean arrives, but we're beginning to run out of time. I can't believe I only have four months to go with this pregnancy. EEEEEEK! I haven't even started on her nursery yet. In case you're curious, I've collected some ideas over at Pinterest. I started out with a grey and yellow theme, but once I found out it was a girl and I realized that this would probably be my only chance at...

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Happy Friday

I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest and it instantly made me smile.  Not only do I wholeheartedly agree with the saying, I'm also wistfully wishing for that adorable umbrella!  How cute!  Here's to a great weekend ahead and hoping we can all do something that makes each of us happy. While I don't have a huge agenda since I'll be home with Jake while Floyd is working, I do look forward to the cute moments with him and maybe reading a chapter or two of the book I've been attempting to read for months now....

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