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Our Favorite Flip Flops


As Florida girls (Kristin still lives there and I will always be a Florida girl in my heart) we can officially claim an expertise in flip-flop wearing. I think I've been wearing them since before I could walk! And with a joint beach trip coming up in a few weeks, I am updating my own flop selection for the season. After all, once it's warm they are basically all I want to wear so a little yearly updating is necessary! I thought I'd share a few of our favorite flip-flops in both design and comfort...

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Summer Wedges From Target

Last night was date night, awww yeah.  Somehow instead of dancing the night away we ended up at Target.  Although I now consider going to Target without a toddler who is having a meltdown and standing in the cart a pure luxury.  So, in some ways I did dance the night away, only it was down florescent light filled aisles. While getting my shopping groove on I spied these wedges.  I somehow walked away but seeing how they are still on my mind, I think I might just have to go back.  They came in a few colors...

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Wonderful Wedges for Wonderful Weather

We are excited to announce that we have sponsor spots available for April and beyond. Any interested parties, please feel free to contact us at: bonbonrose9{at}gmail{dot}com for our rates! As we are big supporters of small businesses, we have special rates for Etsy vendors! So, I want to thank you for all the words of encouragement yesterday. It definitely alleviated my crankiness! I will be sure to announce the 'bucks card winner this weekend! Another, thing that helped dissipate the dark cloud that was following me around was the beautiful Spring day we had here in...

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