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Monday Mingle: Blogger Fun at CAbi Scoop in San Diego

A little over a week ago, our lovely beauty editor, Annelis and I embarked on a whirlwind trip to San Diego to attend the Scoop event put on by the clothing brand CAbi. Through it's personal consultants, CAbi can brings its gorgeous line to you through private parties. You can learn even more about the brand over at their blog, the CAbi Canary! After seeing their designs on the runway, I can honestly say that there were several pieces from their spring collection that I wanted to snatch up. There is a pair lemon skinnies and...

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Style Challenge: Two Bloggers, One Fall Trend

Last week I posed a challenge to one of my favorite bloggy buds, Naina from Style'N. I thought it would be fun if we selected a fall trend and each styled it. Naina suggested the poncho. I jumped at the chance to work this particular piece into my wardrobe as I love the look, but just hadn't pulled the trigger and bought one yet. So, I headed over to my favorite vintage shop, Misred Outfitters, and lucked out by scoring a fabulous vintage poncho. It was part of the same haul as my red blazer and...

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