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DIY Microphone Valentines with Hershey’s

Microphone Valentine

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Hershey via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hershey or Momtrends.  I'm feeling the love for Valentine's Day! This week, I helped Jake make DIY microphone valentines for some of his special friends. This was a great way to not only talk about how we can show our friends we care, it was also such a sweet way to spend a snowy afternoon. Of course, you know we incorporated some of our favorite treats such as the Hershey’s Kisses Conversation Candies and Reese’s Conversation Cups (you can find...

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Valentine Champagne Cocktail

Above Cocktails

That loving holiday is around the corner and nothing says romance like champagne!  It is truly the ultimate romantic cocktail. So, I went about combining some of my most favorite libations into a pretty little Valentine Champagne Cocktail for this year. And, I think I came up with quite a lovely drink. I'm calling it the Lemon Kiss! I may not get to go out on the big night, but hey nothing is stopping me from whipping up this valentine champagne cocktail before dinner! I have these great champagne flutes I love to use whenever...

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Valentine Fruit Heart

You might have noticed that Valentine's Day is a holiday that both Kristin and I just love! No pun intended. But we do! Maybe its that now its more about celebrating with our hubbies and making the day special for our children versus when we were younger and the day was a lot more anxiety filled. There is nothing quite like seeing the excitement over the little things with your child. Jake gets so tickled from even just a small gesture or holiday themed treat. This Valentine Fruit Heart is a cute way to start the day...

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

gift tags

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Long before I met my darling hubs, my mom made Valentine's Day special for me and my sister by making us a special breakfast complete with a surprise at our seats. I've elected to carry on the tradition with my own family and relish preparing our Valentine's Day celebration. This year I'm really trying to channel my holiday expert mama and adding extra special little details to the surprises I hand out. And I'm starting with gift tags. By customizing a gift tag, I can dress...

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Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Easy Valentine's Day

Ok here's the deal. For most of the US its gonna get real cold this weekend. I believe even Kristin might see temperatures in Florida that dip down into the (gasp!) 50's. I know, I know, hard to empathize when the rest of us are hitting single digits but to them that feels really cold! I'm already the kind of gal that prefers a low key Valentine's Day celebration whether it be a group of girls singing karaoke, a date with the husband, or a party at the house. Seeing the number 9 on my...

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For Him: Easy Valentine’s Day Surprise

Easy Valentine's Day Surprise for Him

As I've gotten older I've really grown to love Valentine's Day. It's a holiday that, for me, never had the pressure of New Year's Eve. Rather, I like to focus the day more on showing little signs of appreciation for my husband, friends and family than going all out on an expensive gift.  A small gesture goes a long way in telling someone that you notice how much they do and that you care and find meaning in it.  This time of year is just perfect for that. Here's one small Valentine's Day surprise that takes mere...

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Valentine’s Day Candy Bar

Valentine's Day Candy Display

Just about everyone loves a fun candy and sweets spread , and Valentine's Day is no exception. Since I'm trying to get back into the fitness game, this small display, which serves as our mini Valentine's Day candy bar, is just enough to let the boys in my house get excited and enjoy some treats, without pushing me too far in the wrong direction. Setting up an area like this is remarkably easy. I used a small chalkboard that I had on hand, but a picture frame or marker board would also do. Using clear vases,...

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Valentine’s Day Decorating Party


Hello to all you fabulous Bon Bon Rose readers! It's Jackie from Jackie Fogartie Events and I’m back with a post that’s dripping with pink, red and sprinkles - a Valentines Day cookie and cupcake decorating party for kids! If your kids are stir-crazy this cold winter, warm them up with a frosting-filled sugar high! Here are some tips! Be Smart - think of the mess! I know, I know, the thought of frosting and sprinkles all over your kitchen makes you want to cry, but I promise the kids can have fun without making a huge...

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