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Pretty Minted Party Decor


Things have been pretty busy all month around here. In addition to several trips, Shelby got married! If you’ve been with us a while you may remember that Shelby is my husband’s daughter and she’s posted with us a time or two. I’m so proud to have this strong, beautiful girl as part of my family and that she is officially married to a wonderful man we all adore! As part of our full weekend of wedding festivities we hosted a post-Wedding brunch. It was a time for us all to get together at their house,...

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DIY Terrarium Centerpieces


These DIY Terrarium Centerpieces were one of my most adventurous DIYs to date. Not because the project was the most complicated, but because it was for one of my closest friend's pretty large and fancy wedding. Once I verbally committed, I remember thinking, "Ok Meg, don't screw this up!" It took a little figuring out but this is truly one wedding (or party) project that anyone can do on their own!  Also, please don't think we have green grass in MD, we are snow laden like the rest of most of you. Her wedding was...

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BonBon Deal of the Day: For Bubbly and Monogram Lovers

There is no beverage that I enjoy quite as much as a glass o' bubbly. So, I'm all over this adorable monogrammed champagne tub. Sparkling vino is definitely always present at my soirees, so although this would make a fabulous engagement or wedding present, I think it would make a fabulous "just because" present for myself too. Haha! What do you think lovelies? Do you need a champagne tub in your life? I think the under $60.00 price tag is amazing for a personalized piece! Who's with me? ...

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For my dream vow renewal, I’m seeing shades of yellow and grey!

Have you entered this morning's adorable zipper pouch giveaway? So, I'm an old married lady now, but that doesn't stop me from drooling WAY too often over weddings. I'm determined to convince the hubs that a vow renewal is a fabulous idea. I'm of the firm belief that a girl should get to wear a wedding gown more than once! I don't think that a second wedding is too much to ask for. Do you? HA! The first time around I had a traditional affair that was held in a beautiful ballroom. The next time around it...

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Wedding Inspired Winter White

Happy Thursday lovelies! I've always been a big fan of Thursdays. It's so close to the weekend that I usually feel like I just float through the day, unlike the way I drag my arse around on my nemesis Tuesday. Don't ask me why, but I loathe Tuesday. Happily it is not Tuesday and you find me in awfully cheery spirits. The dude slept through the night, so that might have something to do with it too. HA! Anyhoo, you may have noticed that I'm posting on a day that is typically Megan's and that...

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Lady in Red

Have you entered our Hazel & Harlow necklace and t shirt giveaway? Since this morning's post was entirely noir filled, I thought I would brighten things up for you a bit tonight. Plus, it's my bestie's wedding anniversary today and what color is more romantic than red?  Along with camel and jewel tones, red is a dominant color for fall, which is quite alright with me as I've always had great amour for scarlet. I found quite a few fabulous, yet budget friendly ways that you can work red into your wardrobe. Every single one of these...

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Eye Candy Sunday

Happy Sunday lovelies! We hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend so far! If you're looking for a little R&R, how about you pour yourself a cuppa something delicious and have a looksie at the beautiful items that we're featuring from our sponsors today. Every time we do these posts, we both want to do some serious shopping! HA! 1. "Welcome Little One" Leterpress Printed Card at Blushing Pearl 2. "Daree" Wide Sleeve Boatneck at Vintage Fringe 3. Large Link Charm Bracelet at Lisa Leonard 4." Buri Fans" at beaucoup 5. Starfish Necklace at Devon Baer Designs 6. Custom Sterling Silver...

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