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Dress Up Your Fingers With Statement Rings

If you've been paying attention to the runways or even picked up a glossy or two lately, you've probably noticed that camel is the dominant hue for fall. I'm all for this classic shade, but I can't rock the neutral look without adding a little color to my ensemble. A juicy statement ring is the perfect way to add a pop of color without taking away from the piece that you want to take center stage! Plus, if you're on a budget, picking yourself up an inexpensive, yet fun bauble is a fabulous way to inject...

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Fall Trend: Animal Prints

Happy Monday lovelies. I hope ya'll had fabulous weekends! It rained like cats and dogs here in Tampa, so we were forced to stay inside for most of it. You can imagine how the dude felt about that. No outside play time makes for quite a cranky toddler. I'm looking forward to taking him out today she he can run off some steam. But seeing as he's completely engrossed in his airplane DVD right now, I thought I would seize the moment to squeeze in a quick post. If you've been reading the glossies, you...

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